About Us

PICKGO.COM is a site designed to bring customers and businesses together to create a win/win proposition. PICKGO.COM is a unique online marketplace that allows users to offer, sell and buy just about anything, creating higher sales volume for businesses and lower prices for customers. The higher the volume, the lower the price!

Seller businesses agree to offer a product or service for a period of time at a given price and agree, that as more people purchase the product or service, the price goes down. They win by selling more stuff!

Customers win by enjoying a low price to begin with, but they can also buy higher quantities to lower prices further, or rely on other customers buying to bring everyone the lowest price possible. With PICKGO.COM, everybody wins. Please visit our FAQ page to learn more about how PICKGO.COM harnesses the power of the internet and social media to drive our revolutionary transaction process.

Mr. Anouthone Saephan

Mr. Anouthone Saephan – Founder

As a small business owner and restaurateur, Anouthone Saephan, “Ton” was inspired to create PICKGO.COM while searching for a convenient and low cost way to promote his own business while preserving profitability. Recognizing that customers want lower prices, but businesses need more customers to afford those low prices; Ton found a way to build sales volume and lower prices at the same time. Working with skilled IT developers and designers he has painstakingly brought his concept to life in a user- friendly and inviting platform. Whether you are a bargain-hunting buyer or a volume-seeking seller, he invites you to discover all the benefits PICKGO.COM has to offer and feel free to drop him a line at info@pickgo.com and let him know what you think.

Roman Grinev - Web Developer

Roman Grinev - Developer

The Full Stack Web Developer with over ten years experience.

The developer of web projects, with payback more than 90% and projects gathered more than 2 000 professional photographers who create 360 degree panoramic photos.