Help Page

How's PICKGO Group order work?

You added product to cart and check out enter billing information but PICKGO not yet collect payment untill the products offer time ended or price drop all the way to top deal then PICKGO start collecting payment from the current price after time ended. If your price not yet drop and wanted it lower price you can tell friends family to help you buy to push price drop lower you all will save together. 

How's Buy It Now Work?

Buy It Now price drop as you shop from where current at. You don't have to wait till time ended as group order and PICKGO will collect payment when place order completed to get products deliver.  

How to Buy and Save?

Saving money while shopping for essential everyday items, dining or services is easy with PICKGO.COM.

  1. Create your free account here. It takes just a minute or two and you only need to do it one time. After that, simply sign-in each time you visit and you’re ready to power shop and save!
  2. Start shopping. Click the SHOP icon located in the upper left corner. This will take you to our Deals page. You can browse all our offers, or narrow your selection using the search filters in the upper right or along the left side of the page.
  3. Ready to buy? If you’ve found your deal and want it right away you can “Buy Now.” If you want a lower price right away you can select a higher quantity offer which displays the lower price you desire, and click “Buy Now”. You will be charged right away and items will ship quickly or you may print a voucher or gift certificate immediately, once your payment transaction is complete.
  4. Not in a hurry and want to save more? Select “Group Order” to take advantage of the lowest prices possible. As more customers buy that offer, the price drops. You will only be charged when the offer ends. Whatever price level the deal has reached by the offer deadline is what you will pay. Your transaction will proceed automatically and you will receive notification of its completion and amount. You also receive notifications when your deals are ready to print or ship.