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Your Time, Your Sales, Your Money.
Either you're serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, you're spending hours prepare your foods but your sale ( your money time ) is one, only one or two hours, your lease, labors, utilities bills, marketing and everything is depend on this hours, you have to get table return as soon as possible, putting many employees cover to make your services smoot then not just cost you headach but MONEY, cost your profits, when customers services go wrong food stuck, food go bad, sales stopped, customers walk away is a terrible terrible you don't want it.

Restaurants Cash Saving & Producing App
This restaurants dining app save up to 60% of your customers services processing time and labors, let customers order online from their phone app come direct to your kitchen printers/machine and you will know exactly customers orders details, table, seat, time and you can adjust your processing time cooking status show to customers in a real time, pay direct from their phone app.
keep track your sale, getting new customers, get connected with existing customers and build return customers, retargetting advertising.

Happy Customers
Happy customers are not just return customers but happy customers are the best and powerful marketing weapon in a very less cost for your business.
Let this FREE app help do more work and you can focus more on important thing, providing great food, not only save your cost but make your work smooter, keep your customers happy and coming back.
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