Start your own real business in 5 minutes & work on your own schedule

Got lay off? or tired working for someone else? driving for uber or lyft ? whats about driving for yourself, being your own boss, be an entrepreneur, own your own real business, have your own customers from our marketplace, more profit, grow your business for more sale and more freedom. $2000—$20000+ per week. How is it sounds? No way? YES! It is here, PICKGO when you do business we do too but we don’t do if you don’t and we wanted you do more, with PICKGO platform you will get all you need for business, “included bring you new customers & keep returns to shop more on your store”

Why sell on pickgo ? - Market place where people shop on everyday essentials from local sellers faster, easier customers find products live deliver in minutes, save money, save time, gas, make life easier & convenient. PICKGO platform help you build your brand, your customers, your market place with No money down, No monthly fees, easy to start, Save cost on labors, lease, supplying and more, more profit for you, take your first step now.

  1. Download PICKGO app and sign up as sellers always free & simply less then 10 seconds.
  2. Find products list you would like to sale from your local distributors, suppliers and list to your store, using our easy listing tools by finding products same details from collections and one click add products to your store or easy list it your own. simply clicks integrate your products with facebook & google shopping search engine let people find you from everywhere
  3. Turn on your pickgo live app when ready to receive the orders, get products deliver and collect payment.

How does it work ?

The more you gives to your community the more you get from community. Group Order, the more people shop the more price drop the more extra saving everyone get and the more traffic to your store. REWARDS connected customers to your store, the more you shop the more you earns reward credit, the more you gives customers rewards the more they coming back. PICKGO LIVE find your products live deliver to customers in minutes, your customers just right next door or around where you are

Sell brand name products, essentials every day, every where & everyone needs again & again, cost nothing to start, you save more cost make more traffic & profit but There is only 3 sellers available per zip code per products brand, reserve your location now before it gone forever. We can’t accept too many sellers in same area for same product. All we need is just 3-5 % merchant transaction fees.

Easy Sign Up

  1. Enter your store page name
  2. Enter your email to receive your order
  3. Create your password and click done register

Choose theme design you like, add your domain, ONE CLICK add products to your store and you are ready to go build your brand, build relationship direct with customers 10x your sale in PICKGO market place manage your customers, your profit, manage your sale.

Download PICKGO app